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A cookie is a means for your web page browser to hold a small amount of information either in memory or on your hard disk for use during your website visit. It is important to stress that cookies do not damage your computer, since they cannot look into your computer and find out information about you or read any personal material kept on your hard drive.

There are two types of cookies:

  • ‘Session’ cookies, which disappear after you close your browser (and end the session) and;
  • ‘Persistent’ cookies, which are stored for a specified length of time on your computer, after which they expire automatically.

Like most other major websites, www.villafont.com uses cookies, which are a mixture of persistent and session cookies, but please note that any cookies that are used or that remain on your PC do not contain any record of the information you may enter, or any other personal information and are only used so that interactive sessions function correctly. Your device’s IP address is used as an identifier rather than any personal information, which will be remembered every time you visit the Villafont website.

We use cookies to improve your user experience when visiting www.villafont.com.

The cookies we use

  • _wordpress_test_cookie
    A WordPress cookie that is designed to check whether your web browser is set to allow or reject cookies.
  • _wp_settings, _wp_settings_time
    These WordPress cookie allows you to customize your view of admin interface, and possibly also the main site interface.
  • _drip_client_6994213
    A cookie designed to remember previous actions when browsing a page again during the same session
  • _ga
    This is a Google Analytics cookie, which is designed to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly-generated number to operate as a client identifier.

What to do if you don’t want cookies to be set

We know that some people may not like using cookies – If you prefer, it is possible to block some or all cookies on this site and others, or even to delete cookies that have already been set; However, it does have to be noted that you need to be aware that you might lose some functions of that website.
If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can modify your browser so that it notifies you when cookies are sent to it or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can can do this through your browser’s settings, or you can visit www.aboutcookies.org, which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of desktop browsers.

Please note: Villafont will not be responsible for any cookies set on any third party websites that are linked to via our website – they are subject to their own Privacy and Cookie policies, so it’s best to check on the individual websites for further details.

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