22 December 2021

A welcoming new community where all ages will thrive

The health, social and wellbeing benefits of multigenerational living are well documented and are being fully embraced at this wonderful new development in Lymm where all ages can live life to the full in a thriving new hyperlocal community.

Bringing together the best of care for the youngest and oldest members of society, and those who are retired or in later life, the development is setting a blueprint for future village-like community schemes where people of all ages interact on a daily basis.

Living in a busy community has many proven mental and physical health-related benefits, including an increased understanding and appreciation of each other’s abilities and limitations and the building of tolerance, kindness and compassion.

It provides a sense of belonging for young and old alike, as children and adults grow familiar with each other, looking out for one another and waving cheery hellos or sharing a smile when they see each other.

Spending quality time in each other’s company and sharing in each other’s lives can also enhance feelings of purpose and self worth as young and old bond emotionally sharing stories, memories, life experiences and seasonal celebrations.

For those in later life, living close to others provides important companionship and helps to combat feelings of loneliness or isolation or potential fears over safety. Interacting with youngers, especially children, has been proven to help individuals remain more mentally and physically alert – and even more healthy – into later life.

More than just survive, we all want to thrive, and bonding as communities at a local level helps us to achieve this. It’s not a new concept and can be seen in different cultures around the world, but now is the time to embrace it where we are. It’s time to support, include and look out for one another, sharing knowledge, humour, wisdom and good values, not only as good neighbours, but also as good friends and as family.


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